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Vitamin C beverage drink OEM Manufacturer in Malaysia.

Create your own brand of Vitamin C products

Vitamin C OEM manufacturer in malaysia

Livefit Asia Sdn Bhd is a HACCP, GMP and MESTI certified food & beverage factory in Selangor, Malaysia. Due to the Coronavirus COVID-19, the Malaysia market have seen a higher demand in immune-boosting products, including Vitamin C formulated beverage.

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is well known for its role in supporting healthy immune system. In fact, Vitamin C is one of the biggest immune system booster. Because our body can not make vitamin C, it must come from the foods or supplement intake.

Livefit Asia Sdn Bhd offers low MOQ and highly custom made Vitamin C beverage drink OEM service. From product development, sachet or foil printing, mixing production, lab test to product certification application(KKM, HALAL) we can do it all for you. Available in multiple packing types too, call us today to find out more.


Benefits of Vitamin C

Boosts immunity
Vitamin C helps to stimulate the production and function of many types of white blood cells. Many research also shows Vitamin C is essential for the growth and tissue repairing of the body. It also helps your body to produce important antibodies. Nutritional deficiency may weaken our immune system and cause us more vulnerable to infections too. That would explain why Malaysia market are trending with Vitamin C beverage and Vitamin C supplement.

Lower risk of heart disease
Study found that those with the highest concentrations of vitamin C in their blood were associated with 42% lower stroke risk than those with the lowest concentrations. (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, via WebMD)

Prevent iron deficiency
Vitamin C enhance the iron absorption. If your body don’t have enough iron, it can’t make sufficient oxygen-carrying red blood cells


Order Vitamin C OEM service

If you planned to start a new food & beverage brand (Jenama Sendiri), immune-boosting product may be one of your first few options due to the large demand at the moment. Choose reliable Vitamin C beverage OEM manufacturer, choose Livefit Asia Sdn Bhd.