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Fruit Juice Powder Manufacturer and Supplier in Malaysia.

We manufacture and supply Vegetable and Fruit Juice Powder to Food & Beverage Factory

Livefit Asia Sdn Bhd is a HACCP, GMP and MESTI certified food & beverage factory in Selangor, Malaysia.

Fruit juice powder is popular used in food application such as Chewable tablet and powder drink. This is because fruit juice powder is naturally rich in vitamins and antioxidants. The fruit juice powder are produced from the original juice, are without artificial colouring and flavouring.

Livefit Asia Sdn Bhd offers wide range of fruit juice powder for your food & beverage products. It is manufactured in our own plant that certified with HACCP, GMP by both Ministry of Health and SIRIM Malaysia.

Natural Taste & Colours
The natural fruit juice series are having natural taste and natural colours.

Boosts immunity
Vitamin C found in fruit juice powder helps to stimulate the production and function of many types of white blood cells. Studies shows Vitamin C is essential for the growth and tissue repairing of the body. It also helps your body to produce important antibodies. Nutritional deficiency may weaken our immune system and cause us more vulnerable to infections too. That would explain why Malaysia market is trending with fruit juice related products.

Order Fruit Juice Powder
If you planned to start a new food & beverage brand (Jenama Sendiri), check out our wide selection of fruit juice powder listing. Choose reliable fruit juice powder manufacturer, choose Livefit Asia Sdn Bhd:
Almond Powder
Apple Juice Powder
Apricot Powder
Avocado Powder
Banana Juice Powder
Bennet Powder
Berry Powder
Bilberry Powder
Bitter Orange Powder
Blackberry Powder
Blueberry Juice Powder
Cantaloupe Powder
Cranberry Powder
Cucumber Powder
Date Powder
Dew Powder
Durian Powder
Flat peach Powder
Ginkgo Powder
Grape Juice Powder
Grapefruit Juice Powder
Guava Powder
Honeydew Melon Powder
Kiwi Juice Powder
Lemon Juice Powder
Longan Powder
Lychee Juice Powder
Mango Juice Powder
Mangosteen Powder
Melon Powder
Nectarine Powder
Olive Oil powder
Orange Powder
Papaya Juice Powder
Peach Juice Powder
Peach Juice Powder
Pear Powder
Pineapple Juice Powder
Pomegranate Juice Powder
Pomelo Powder
Rambutan Powder
Raspberry Powder
Strawberry Juice Powder
Tangerine Powder
Walnut Powder
Watermelon Powder