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Protein Powder OEM Manufacturing in Malaysia.

Protein shake, whey protein, gym workout OEM

halal protein powder oem service in malaysia

Want to start your own Protein Powder brand in Malaysia? Livefit Asia Sdn Bhd has the A-Z OEM service you need.

Protein powder or gym product is the popular supplement for gym lover. Protein is necessary for muscle repair after gym workout.

Livefit Asia Sdn Bhd Protein OEM Manufacturing covered:
* Choose from Whey protein, Pea Protein & Soy Protein.
* Chocolate / Vanilla / various flavour + BCAA
* HACCP (Certified by both Ministry of Health & SIRIM)
* GMP (Certified by both Ministry of Health & SIRIM)
* Halal by Jakim
* KKM Product Registration, accredited Lab Test & Analysis
* Packing: Protein jar packaging (0.5-3KG), Protein pouch packaging (1-3KG), Sachet packing (20G-40G)
* Other packaing : Stickers, shrink wrap.
* Low MOQ, One Stop Solution

Why Protein is important to us?

Protein are one of the most important macronutrient that can be used for body building, repairing and maintaining tissues.

Protein supplement or protein beverage are common intake for those who need more protein to support their active lifestyle or body building.

Proteins can be a part of every cell, tissue, and organ in our bodies. Proteins are made from amino acids. During weight lifting or exercise, the proteins in our body are broken down and needed to be replaced. Hence, the body needs a daily supply of protein (amino acids) to make new proteins and repair muscles.

How many type of protein available?

1.Whey protein are called as water soluble milk protein, the most popular choice of athletes and body builder. It is a complete protein which contains of amino acids that are require from human body. This protein can absorbs quickly and easily from the body.

2. Casein protein which is rich in glutamine, an amino acid that could speed up muscle recovery after exercise. Casein may be best to consume it at night.

3. Soy protein are the alternative to whey or casein protein for people who do not consume milk.

4. Pea protein is a plant based protein powders. It is a high quality alternative to soy and dairy based proteins. Pea does not contain soy hence suitable for both men and women.

Protein and Premix:

  • Protein: Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Pea Protein Isolate, Soy Protein Isolate
  • Premix: With Glutamine, Creatine, BCAA, L-Carnitine

We Provide Private Label Protein Powder and Body Building (Gym) OEM Service

We can formulate, package, private label according to your product specification needs. Our team of R&D specialist, Production and Designer are ready to help you success in your next product!