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Halal Slimming Product OEM Manufacturing Service in Malaysia.

Weight Management / Body Slimming / Meal Replacement

halal oem service for slimming product

Looking for Halal slimming products OEM manufacturing service in Malaysia?

Weight Management and Slimming Product stood up ⅓ of global supplement market. Our weight management & Slimming OEM Service is professionally formulated with patented ingredients that promote weight lose, fat burning, reduce calories intakes, maintain body shape and avoid weight gain. Maintaining a healthy weight is not only for us to look good but to stay fit while meal replacement is a market trend to save time in preparation of dietary meals.

Livefit Asia Sdn Bhd Slimming Product OEM Service covered:
* HACCP (Certified by both Ministry of Health & SIRIM)

* GMP (Certified by both Ministry of Health & SIRIM)

* Halal by Jakim

* KKM Product Registration, accredited Lab Test & Analysis

* Sachet packing, outer box printing, stickers, shrink wrap.

* Low MOQ, One Stop Solution


How slimming product works?

Diet or slimming supplements are available in form of pill, capsule, powder, liquid and tea.

The intake method are commonly divided into 3 types: before workout, taken with a meal or as a meal replacement.

Weight management and slimming products basically worked in 7 ways :

  1. Increase metabolism
  2. Reduce calories intakes (Block Carbohydrate)
  3. Reduce fat intake (Block Oil Absorption)
  4. Burn Body Fat
  5. Fibre to improve bowel function
  6. Reduce satiety
  7. Meal Replacement

Halal slimming product profit and market demand in Malaysia

There are high market demand for Halal slimming product in Malaysia because people are getting more conscious to maintain their body shape and to have a more healthy lifestyle. Such trend has attracted many business to invest into this functional beverage for the high profit and huge demand.

Beside appointing trusted OEM manufacturer like Livefit Asia Sdn Bhd, it is important to check they are HACCP and GMP certified. And it is important to mention that no all slimming product in market are safe to consume. We only develop product that are 100% safe using plant extracts.

This is definitely one of the most popular function beverage for business owner (Jenama sendiri) to kick start with. Furthermore, you might also interetest on Halal whitening OEM service.

Effective Slimming Ingredient We Use

  • Increase metabolism – Green Tea extract, Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Bean
  • Reduce calories intakes (Block Carbohydrate) – White Kidney Bean
  • Reduce fat intake (Block Oil Absorption) – Chitosan, Wheat Fiber
  • Burn Body Fat – L-Carnitine, HCA, Raspberry Ketone
  • Fibre to improve bowel function – Plant Fibre, Fruits Fibre
  • Reduce satiety- Garcinia Cambogia
  • Meal Replacement – Protein Vitamin Shake, Multi-grains