Halal Nutrient Blends and OEM Manufacturer in Malaysia

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Beverage OEM manufacturer in Malaysia

Livefit Asia Sdn Bhd is a nutrient blends brand who specialize in highly effective whitening, slimming, protein and various functional beverage. We are also the beverage OEM manufacturer in Malaysia that help our customer to customize new premix based on our house brand series.

Quality Assured. Certified by Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) and SIRIM Malaysia.

food and beverage OEM

Food OEM Manufacturer

Livefit Asia Sdn Bhd provides OEM manufacturing solutions for functional food and beverage in Malaysia.

Malaysia functional beverage OEM

Functional Food & Beverage

Functional beverage OEM including fiber drink, detox, whitening, collagen skin care, Coenzyme Q10, protein shake, energy Drink, juice and instant coffee premix

your own product label

Private label, custom design and packing

Are you start up new food & beverage product brand? Get custom formulation, packaging and design for your brand.

protein and beverage manufacturing

HACCP, GMP & HALAL Ingredients

Livefit Asia Sdn Bhd offer one stop F&B OEM solution.


Over 580 OEM Products


100% Quality Assured


HACCP, GMP and Mesti Certified


Why Halal ingredients OEM service is important in Malaysia

Halal refer to food or product that are free from any ingredient that Muslims could not consuming according to shariah (Islamic law). Thus, such food & beverage must be processed, made, produced, manufactured or stored without contaminated with Non-Halal materials such as alcohol or pork. Because the majority of the resident in Malaysia are Muslim, the demand for the products produced using Halal ingredients are always high. As such it is important for business (or Jenama Sendiri) to use ingredients that are certified Halal.

We are a HACCP and GMP OEM manufacturer. Our production, preparation, handling and storage practicing high level of Food Safety Standard.